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Best Acoustic Guitar Brands In The World

11 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands in the World

If you go into the acoustic guitar section of a guitar store, you will be confronted with dozens, or possibly hundreds of acoustic guitars from various manufacturers.

So you might rightfully ask yourself. What is the best acoustic guitar brand?

There are many guitar makers out there, but only a few have the knowledge, skill, and resources to consistently produce quality instruments.

Here are the top 11 brands for acoustic guitars, that are rightfully popular with players around the world.

11. Epiphone

Guitar Brand Logo Epiphone

Epiphone quick facts:

Epiphone is a Gibson-owned company that primarily caters to Gibson guitar lovers seeking affordable options. Besides making cheaper variants of Gibson classic guitars, Epiphone also makes its own line of guitars. Most people view Epiphone as a Gibson subsidiary. But much before the company was bought by Gibson in 1957 and commissioned to rehash Gibson classics, it had been functioning as an independent musical instrument company. To people unaware, the company first entered the scene in 1873.

Having made a variety of stringed instruments, including fiddles and lutes, Epiphone first started making guitars in 1928, the year that it rebranded itself to Epiphone Banjo Company. Not to mention, Epiphone churns out a healthy range of acoustic guitars and caters to a wider market of acoustic guitar buyers.

10. Ibanez

Guitar Brand Logo Ibanez

Ibanez quick facts:

Known for its solid range of acoustic guitars, Ibanez is a Japanese company that is particularly dominant in the entry-level acoustic guitar market. The company makes good-quality bass and acoustic guitars for beginners, besides catering to “professionals” with its more modern offerings. Having first set up its guitar manufacturing shop in 1929, Ibanez has been around for quite some time. By the 1960s and 1970s, the company started making high-quality replicas of American guitars.

The objective behind drawing heavy inspiration from the American guitar manufacturing industry was not to make quick money but to make similar quality guitars accessible to guitarists in the other part of the world. In fact, more than a handful of Ibanez guitars reached legendary heights despite not being truly original. For instance, the Ibanez Destroyer, which used the Gibson Explorer as its base, was a major hit among buyers. Besides consistently making high-quality entry-level acoustic guitars, Ibanez has a presence in the higher segment of the market too.

9. Ovation

Guitar Brand Logo Ovation

Ovation quick facts:

  • Founded: 1966
  • Website:
  • Artists who play Ovation: John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Eddie Van Halen

Unlike traditional acoustic guitar manufacturers, Ovation broke the mold of guitar manufacturing norms by incorporating a fiberglass-like hybrid material for their guitar bodies, instead of wood. The tops, however, were made of traditional wood. This innovative manufacturing technique lends Ovation acoustic guitar bodies a bowl-like stance that makes them stand out from other acoustic guitars.

Founded in 1966, this New Hartford, Connecticut-based American guitar manufacturer is also known for its electro-acoustic technology, besides the composite materials, it uses in its guitars. These different pioneering approaches combined render Ovation acoustic guitars ergonomic, light, and powerful. Several artists such as Melissa Ethridge, Glen Campbell, and Josh White have Ovation signature models of their own.

8. Fender

Guitar Brand Logo Fender

Fender quick facts:

Unlike many guitar manufacturers that started their journey with making acoustic guitars and then turning their focus to electric guitars, Fender did the exact opposite. A lot of that has to do with the background of Leo Fender, the company founder. Leo was skilled and particularly hands-on with electronics and circuitry equipment, such as radios, home music amplifiers, and phonograph players. Over a period, he got a lot more invested in music equipment and started to make and sell lap steel guitars. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fender, as a company, started to make acoustic guitars in 1964. The company has since then made a name for itself in the mid-range and entry-level acoustics guitar market. Fender guitars are primarily known for their build quality, which was a far cry from the flimsy and delicate builds of acoustic guitars back in the day. Not to mention, the company makes a good number of acoustic guitars priced below $200.

7. Seagull

Guitar Brand Logo Seagull

Seagull quick facts:

Seagull is not necessarily the most recognizable guitar brand name among non-guitarists, but it certainly has its own legion of fans. There are two types of people: one who has never heard of the company, and another that’s truly in love with the brand. Founded in 1982 in Quebec (Canada) by Robert Godin, Seagull acoustic guitars come with solid tops and are completely handmade. Even the cheaper models are made manually by skilled artisans.

Seagull guitars are also green or environment-friendly. The wood used to make the guitar are sourced from sustainably managed forests that are grown, harvested and processed for timber by forest stewards in a manner that ensures the local ecosystems and landscape remain intact at all times. Seagull makes acoustic guitars that span the entire price spectrum. However, the company has made a name for itself by offering high-end acoustic guitars for mid-range guitar prices. You may call Seagull the OnePlus of the acoustics guitar industry.

6. Yamaha

Guitar Brand Logo Yamaha

Yamaha quick facts:

Yamaha is arguably the most recognizable name on this list, even to people who have zero knowledge about guitars. That’s how massive Yamaha’s reach is. Known widely for their student guitars, Yamaha has come a long way and is now known for making all types of guitars. The Yamaha AC3R is, in fact, an extremely popular and well-received acoustic guitar. Yamaha started its journey in 1887 as an organ manufacturer. The company is currently the largest producer of musical instruments, including acoustic guitars.

Yamaha acoustic guitars cater to guitarists of varying skills and experience. The company’s acoustic guitar range is so large and diverse that both established guitarists and complete noobs would find Yamaha acoustic guitars to their liking. Since the company is such a massive producer, it’s important you know what you’re looking for. Else, you could easily get baffled by the options and may end up picking up a piece that doesn’t necessarily suit your requirements to a T.

5. Takamine

Takamine Logo

Takamine quick facts:

Takamine started out as a family-run guitar shop in Japan, at the foot of Mount Takamine. Its main factory operates out of its hometown, Sakashita, Japan. Takamine started expanding internationally in 1975 and has become one of the most esteemed acoustic guitar manufacturers in the world.

They have made several key technological advances that have since developed guitar making, for example, single-unit preamplifiers, and the under-saddle pickup used in acoustic-electric guitars.

4. Taylor

Taylor Guitars Logo

Taylor quick facts:

Taylor is a relatively well-known brand in the acoustic guitars market. Founded in 1974 by Kurt Listug and Bob Taylor, Taylor started its journey as an acoustic guitar manufacturer and has been to date focusing primarily on acoustic guitars. This resolute focus is one of the major reasons why Taylor acoustic guitars are unique and have a following of their own. Taylor is quite an innovative acoustic guitar manufacturer too. It was the first company to use computer mills to precision-manufacture their guitars.

The company makes high-end acoustic guitars, entry-level guitars, and everything in between. Taylor’s premium offerings are made in California, while their affordable guitars are produced in Mexico. Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, and Zac Brown are some of the many artists who can be seen using Taylor guitars for their performances. Taylor acoustic guitars don’t come cheap, particularly the higher-end variants. But then the company justifies the price of its guitars with unmatched quality.

3. Gibson

Gibson Guitar Logo

Gibson quick facts:

Gibson made a name for itself with its iconic electric guitars. But not many know that the company produced acoustic guitars much before their electric guitars became a force to reckon with. Founded in 1902, Gibson manufactured its first acoustic guitar circa 1910. However, their flat-tops weren’t extremely popular then or didn’t sell according to company expectations, thanks in large to the market dominance of Martin’s acoustic guitars. It was only during 1923 that Gibson acoustic guitars started to make serious inroads into the market and giving Martin a scare. By the 1930s, Gibson steadied its ship and made a name for itself.

Recently, in 2018, Gibson had to file for bankruptcy. But that didn’t cause any major dent to the company’s reputation and following. In fact, the Gibson brand is still a reckonable force in the acoustics guitar industry. Currently, the company operates from a modern facility located in Nashville. The space is purpose-built to make guitars. For American buyers, this means the company would not just sell and repair their acoustic guitars, but it would also help restore most of its classic models.

2. Guild

Guild Guitars Logo

Guild quick facts:

  • Founded: 1953
  • Website:
  • Artists who play Guild: Tom Fogerty, Bryan Adams, Jerry Garcia, Muddy Waters, and many more.

The roots of Guild reaches back to 1945, New York City, when Alfred Dronge, a passionate jazz musician, opens a local music shop. He partners with George Mann, a former Epiphone Co. executive in 1952, and they register the Guild Guitar Company.

The company expanded quickly and made the move into the electric guitar market during the '60s.

Fender purchased the company in 1995, and sold it to Cordoba in 2014. Despite the changes in ownership and management, Guild guitars are still some of the best guitar in the world.

1. Martin

Guitar Brand Logo Martin

Martin quick facts:

Perhaps the most ancient guitar company on this list, C.F. Martin & Company was founded in 1833 in New York City by Christian Martin. For a brand to stay relevant for so long and still be ruling the roost is a testament to the company’s products and their quality. This also implies how durable and long-lasting Martin acoustic guitars are. Though the company tried its hands at bass and electric guitars for a brief period, it is currently devoted to making high-quality acoustic guitars, pretty much sticking to its roots.

During the more than 180 years of its presence, Martin guitars have been strummed by artists as diverse as Mark Twain, Chris Cornell, David Crosby, Valerie June, John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran. Generating several variations that are currently acknowledged as benchmarks for the acoustic guitar industry, the company’s ingenious X-bracing (first introduced in 1843) gave the acoustic guitar business around the world a definition of sorts. The company’s dedication to the business, the premium materials that go into making its acoustic guitars, and the craftsmanship at work are reasons why Martin is doing so well for so long.


Some of these brands do not produce guitars that cost $1000s, but they still make the list for their effort and consistency in producing quality instruments for beginner and intermediate players. After all, a beginner would never buy a $3000 Guild guitar to start out on.

Don't get bogged down by the dream of owning an expensive Martin, when a Seagull at 1/10th of the price will be perfectly OK for most players.

Just play as much as you can, enjoy the music you make, and entertain others. That is the point of playing acoustic guitar, regardless of which brand is in your hand at any given moment.

70 thoughts on “11 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands in the World”

  1. Many great guitar companies on your list. But I do agree about Martin. I Own a few, and their craftsmanship is second to none. This is just my opinion. When I play publicly, the guitar turns in to a “tool”, which gets the job done with security and confidence, and beautiful tone.

  2. I would argue that these would fall under the collective of popular brands. There are many great Guitar Luthiers and Companies around the world that make great acoustic guitars. Gianinni is but one in a list of great Acoustic Guitars.

  3. Guild is a venerable guitar maker. They are back and they make great guitars. Their 12 string acoustic is legendary. Many artists embrace their dreadnaughts. I own 2 US made acoustics and a Korean hollowbody electric and like their motto says: Made to be Played.

    1. Loved me a Bluebird, and a F512 shazam! But Jerry Garcia weren't really reaching too far back, huh! Now Doyle Dykes was a Taylor Artist and WOW he's a Guild and Godin artist now and he Plays em' too!

  4. I agree with your selections except the fact that Takamine should be on the list. Well it should be 12 best cause Alvarez also isn't on there. If one had to be taken off it would be ovation in my book. The rounded back is horrible for sitting and playing.

    1. Ovation guitars can be amazing. I have a 79 Balladeer which has a wonderful tone. I agree about the rounded back being uncomfortable to sit with.. I fitted the 'Standing Ovation' which is a device that compensates for the rounded back and makes an Ovation guitar much more comfortable to play both sitting and standing.

  5. I’m surprised that Guild didn’t make your list. I have a six and a 12 string acoustic/electric. Love them both and wouldn’t ever trade them for an Ovation or a Fender, though I own Fender electrics.

      1. There Was a Time but try a new North American made Taylor instead of an Asian Guild get a Mexican Taylor! Played a few of each, I am old school Guild Acoustic Guitar at 5 maybe.

  6. Where are:
    Santa Cruz
    Preston Thompson

    Any of these major builders deserve to be on the top four. You can add the builders with national reputation and distribution.

    1. I found a Fannin D-97 and wow! It reminds me of my late fathers 78’Yamaha and plays and sounds just like it. Theyre outta business now but tone wise, playability the Yamaha and the look is pure high end Martin of the time. They say Mr Fannin wanted to copy it. It has LP style inlays, Quality tuners. I got dads Yamaha and play this more? Thats how good it was made and crafted.

    1. Huh, might just be Emperor Code if pre 2001, but it's odd that you suggest mahogany as a sound board. You can likely get it on line at or all over Eddie

  7. Martin is the best. But after playing dozens of different ones over the last 40 years there are just as many average ones as good ones. The best ones I've played and owned were always the simple basic models. I have 3 of the best ones now I've ever had. It took many years of sorting to get 3 of them I consider great. One is a plain Jane 1943 WW2 era, it is an absolute boomer with a mile of sustain and great treble. My father bought it in NYC shipping out to Europe. It has quite a history. Family heirloom that still gets played everyday!

    1. Yeah, except that like the little 00-17 (56') I had, my 2nd gtr, my 43' 00-28 refinished w/a burst, and a 5-18 from way back you can't buy them anymore. I liked my 90's OM -41 but my old 00 - 17 haunted my memory (and a B&D Senorita flat top) so that traded for a GSGW Taylor.

  8. Maestro guitars made in singapore should be on the list ,as well as lowden guitars made in northpatrick irelend .both these brands are unbeatable in sound and quality.

  9. Serious players do not play Mexican made guitars. A lot of p.r. hype goes into selling them. Try one out, some are decent, but only decent. It's unfortunate that we have to spend several thousand dollars to own a top shelf instrument. But like it or not, that's the way it is.

  10. I think one brand that should definitely be on the list is Maton, an Australian brand and world class guitars. Just ask Tommy Emanuel !!!

    1. I have the 900 series. Amazing guitar, i would put it up against any 5 or 10 thousand dollar acoustic. Even the bottom end models are still handmade in Nebraska at a great price point.

  11. You missed. Olson, Larrivee, Gallagher are a few that are better than most or in the case of Olson all on your list, played by James Taylor among others.

  12. It's amazing, as machine accuracy improves, so does the playability of acoustic instruments for as little as $100-400 bucks. I have a Jameson acoustic/electric, and after replacing passive piezo pickup with Fishman preamp and pickup, it is a dream to play! It was intended as a "beater" guitar, but has ended up one of my favs. Nice article, by the way!

  13. There are not one hundred percent realities in acoustic guitars. I've been a guitarist for over fifty years, and teach as well. I currently own a breedlove acoustic. Best sounding acoustic I've ever owned.ive compared my guitar in an acoustic room at Sam Ash music. It blows away Martin's more expensive models, Taylor, Gibson, and sounds better or equals any acoustic I've heard, and I've owned many!!!! , Gibson's, Yamaha, guilds, you name it. You need more exposure. There are brands I'd love to try, but they're very expensive.

  14. Many comments here are correct- but some commenters must have missed the fact that Guild is indeed on the list. However, the name of the list is not correct. This is not a list if the best acoustic guitar brands, it is a list of perhaps the best volume produced guitar brands. There are many "boutique" or lesser known (and lesser volume) companies, that make very fine instruments. However, most trips to guitar shops will see these volume brands.

  15. One day will come when someone of higher importance as stated about the other acoustics will pick up a TETON acoustic and the tables will be wiped clean. I’ve played acoustic and electric 30 years and played many guitars. But one day I walked into my local Guitar shop Midwest Music of Norfolk, Nebraska and I played the last brand of acoustic guitars I will ever play. If you haven’t heard of them, you should at least pick one up at a store and give it a try. Like a hot knife cutting butter!! The amount of quality sound not even plugged in will blow you away. Doesn’t the saying “don’t knock it before you try it” stand a chance? I think you will be quite amazed as I was about 6 years ago. I now own two six strings, the first 2016 Teton with beautiful comfortable armrest and my baby 12 string. You may be surprised!!

  16. Don't forget about Boucher guitars. They are made in Quebec with 4 A Adirondack tops and the woods of your choice. One of my faves.

  17. This list is more of a popularity contest than an actual best of the best list. So many better guitar makers out there that aren't listed. Looks like someone got paid to make this list. Fender acoustics in my opinion are garbage. Same with ovation. Takamine makes good workhorse instruments but nothing too fancy. Gibson, Martin, epiphone? Cmon man. Nothing incredible that isn't overpriced since the 70s. Where's larivee? I could go on and on...

  18. Sorry but only about 3 guitars 🎸 you have on that list are any good. I don’t know why you people always put the same crappy guitars 🎸 on your lists. You leave out some of the more really beautiful guitars. Look past guitar center and Sam ash.

    1. I am with you brother. I bought the 35th limited edition anniversary model by Kim breedlove. To this day I have not played a finer acoustic guitar than that. Everyone who has asked to try it and play it has left them with their jaw on the ground . Absolutely the finest sounding and playing acoustic guitar I have ever played in my life. And in my 66 years I have played a lot of them.

  19. I don't mean to be a troll (and I know this isn't meant to be a comprehensive list), but while these may be eleven of the best known guitar brands in the world, I'd hardly say they're the best. What about Lowden? PRS? Patrick James Eggle? K. Yairi? Now [those] guys make some fine guitars.

  20. Obviously this is a list of most sold or manufactured. There are a lot out there I have probably never heard of that would beat out any of these. In my opinion, check out the Zager line, best acoustic I've ever played.

  21. It is hard to beat Yamaha. I've listened to many expensive guitars but chose $180 F335 and its my vest guitar so far. No need to pay thousands if we have such beautiful guitar with rich sound. Try it, you won't regret it.

  22. After playing them several times, Breedlove is at the top of my list. I've always wanted a nice Martin, but now I'd rather spend $2100 on my favorite Breedlove than any other guitar.

  23. I agree with those who believe this to be a best selling list, rather than a best sounding because the Collings and Lowden I have been lucky enough to play sounded amazing. I sold my '86 Martin D28 when I played a Stanford HD28 - it was soooo much better. I also own Taylor and Tanglewood, and don't forget Eastman. The politics of a country shouldn't destroy the livelihood of artisan builders.


    All I can say is you people need to check out O R A N G E W O O D , a 3 year old company, I'm a former Nashville recording artist and I've played em all I love yamaha ,nashville was a takamine/Taylor town ,I've owned each ,but orangewood ,dollar for dollar ,unreal they have a $100 model that compares to a 400 yamaha or take , a 300 orangewood stood up to a $7000 martin ,try the ear test ,you won't believe it ,if you play one ,your hooked

  25. Most of what you listed are certainly on the top list for "cost-effective," but Not anywhere near "best"

    Where are Collings, Larrivee, Boucher, Maton, Rozawood, Lakewood etc, etc, etc?

    Where are individual luthiers like Somogyi and Olson?

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