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At first glance, this instrument looked like any classical acoustic guitar, but it was a purely electronic instrument like a keyboard. It differed from a keyboard and a classical guitar mainly in its playing style. Guitariano could have been considered a combination of both. In contrast to a keyboard, all Guitariano keys were arranged in frets on the neck like on a classical guitar. All the tones, including polyphony notes and chords sounded immediately after pressing the corresponding keys on the neck. The Guitariano playing style was similar to a guitar playing technique called hammering.

To complete the feel of playing a real guitar, there were six easy-to-press rubber strings spread over the keys on the neck. The right hand was used for controlling the automatic accompaniment. The automatic accompaniment buttons placed on the Guitariano body were arranged in a sophisticated pattern called the "quarto-circle chord system."

Two different models of Guitariano were produced: DMV100 and DMV100P. 

Their main features were:

  • 200 realistic sounds - Guitariano sound bank consists of 128 General Midi sounds (GM) and next 72 add-on sounds and effect, which are not included in GM set. All instrument sounds are created by the enhanced wavetable synthesis using samples of top musical instruments.
  • Sound effect processor - Instrument sound possibilities are enhanced by the DSP (digital signal processor) with adjustable effects such as chorus, reverb, equalizer, etc.
  • 200 accomaniment styles - Guitariano DMV100 models family includes collection of 200 types of accompaniment styles involving all wordl's musical styles and their variations, such as jazz, country, pop, rock, latin-american and many others.
  • Sophisticated accompaniment system - DMV100 models are equipped by automatic accompaniment system with simple and intuitive controlling, providing wide range of functions and user setup (e.g. inserting style variations, instrument sections switching on-off, chord memory enabling recording and consequential playback of accompaniment harmony, and many others)
  • Special keyboard organized into 16-frets fingerboard - The special keyboard is integrated to the neck of Guitariano instrument. All keyboard buttons are aligned between 16 frets in the same way as fingerboard of classic guitar. It means that each position on classic guitar fingerboard is in line with one button on Guitariano keyboard.
  • MIDI interface - Built-in MIDI interface allows connection of Guitariano DMV100 models to other MIDI instruments and devices (e.g. MIDI keyboards, personal computer, etc.)
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Integrated power amplifier and line outputs - Built-in amplifier and loudspeaker enables instrument play without an external amplifier, which can be however easily pluged into one of two types line-out outputs (mono, stereo) by standard 6,5mm jack.

The Guitariano was the brainchild of Ivan Mládek.

The instrument is not sold on this website anymore.

Going forward, will be a website on everything acoustic guitar.

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