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Write for us is a website about everything pertaining to acoustic guitar.

If you are a guitar nerd and want to get your voice out there, let us know. You can write for us, an acoustic guitar site, and help/entertain other acoustic guitar fans.

Before you submit an article for review, please consider the following.

What kind of articles should I write?

You can write about anything that is acoustic guitar, from gear, to lessons, to songs, etc.

The point is that you need to be an expert in whatever you write about. No AI content is allowed.

Readers love these types of articles

  • How to ....
  • Top 10 .....
  • Learn .....
  • The best.....

But if you have other ideas, let us know.

Article requirements

There are a few things you need to know about what kind of articles we accept.

  • Article length: At least 1000 words of GOOD, useful or entertaining content. No fluff please, it will not be accepted.
  • AI content: We do not accept purely AI-generated content.
  • Images & media: Include at least 2 images in the article and 1 video embed.
  • Tone: Please use a friendly tone, as guitariano is a friendly place.
  • Grammar: We will only accept articles written by native English speakers using perfect grammar.
  • Links: You may include RELEVANT links to authoritative resources in your article and your website. You cannot include affiliate links. If you include spammy or irrelevant links, they will be removed.


By submitting an article, you agree for the article to be published on The editors of may or may not alter the content of your article if necessary. No substantive changes will be made though.

You may NOT publish the article on other websites.

By submitting the article, you forfeit all rights to your article, but you will:

  • Have your name displayed as the author
  • Be able to include a non-affiliate backlink
  • Have the article published on for at least 5 years

Get in touch

If you want to write for us (guitar article), let's get in touch.

Please use this contact form to send us your ideas for a guest post.